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Dial Around Long Distance Service

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Dial Around Long Distance Service

Using a dial around long distance service allows you to place long distance calls without, or around, a designated carrier.

Many people find this type of phone service useful to use in conjunction with their existing carrier, especially if they make international calls. A good number of people simply would rather not commit to a designated long distance carrier and prefer using a dial around to access to their calls.


Many times you can find cheaper rates when you call internationally using a dial around service.


Just pick up the phone, punch in the dial around code + the numbers you usually dial (beginning with 011 + country code - if international, or 1 + area code - if USA or Canada).


Are you looking for a way to bypass your current long distance carrier for cheaper international phone rates? Or simply looking for good domestic U.S.A. and/or international rates, without having to switch, or assign, a particular carrier? You've come to the right place! What you need is a dial around long distance service.


dial around long distance


Dial arounds can also be used from cellular phones. Keep in mind though that you are still accountable for your air time with your wireless carrier. You simply avoid your wireless carriers added rates, which can be quite high.


We would like to bring your attention to an excellent dial around long distance for cell phones service available from the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and also available from Canada. No connection fees, no monthly fees, no carrier to switch. Simply access the network via a toll-free number, listen for a voice prompt, then dial. This dial around service is billed (post-paid) to your Visa or Mastercard, and your bill is viewable real-time online. You may also use it as a calling card from any touch-tone phone, in which case you will have to enter your PIN.


College students living in dorm rooms normally do not qualify for dial around service. But, if you share off-campus housing with friends, it's a great way to keep your telephone bill seperate, and cheap at the same time!


We invite you to browse our website to find the best rates available for the areas you call.

You can begin by selecting a country.


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